Tehachapi Pops (TPops) Orchestra

Tehachapi Pops (TPops) Orchestra

Tehachapi Pops (TPOPS) Orchestra Board

We are looking for new people to serve on the TPOPS board. You do not need to be a current member to serve. Email, call, or show up, if you are interested.

Current TPOPS Board members:

President: Wayne Thompson

Vice President: Kathleen Wolf

Treasurer: Marcia Whitten

Secretary/Publicity: Karen Hutton

Librarian: Brenda Hansen

Booking/Road Manager: Debby Hand

Members-at-Large: Phil Howard

All are welcome to come to our board meetings. Ask a board member for the date/time of the next meeting.

Upcoming TPops Events

2017 Concert Schedule:

April 23: Sprimg Concert at Grace Fellowship church at 2 pm

July 4: 4th of July Hot Dog Festival Concert in the Park

October 28: Halloween Concert at the "Bookay" (Beekay) Theater

December 3: Christmas concert at Bear Valley Springs